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100% re-verified 2 times per year. Data you can count on.

We're committed to keeping our list of local government officials as accurate as possible.

21,000 municipal, township, and county governments.

The Power Almanac covers over 97% of the municipalities, townships, and counties in the U.S. with populations of 1,000 or more.

220,000 local government officials. No source has more.

You won't find a directory like this anywhere else. This is NOT a compilation of information from other, inadequate sources. We've built - from scratch - our own comprehensive and fresh list of local government officials and their contact info.

166,000 emails. Go ahead and download them.

We know you want emails, and we've got 'em for 75% of the local government officials in the Power Almanac. (Believe it or not, some government officials still don't have email.)

Search, Target & Analyze

You get to choose exactly who’s on your list.

Roles over titles.
Find officials with the right decision-making authority.

Not all municipalities have a mayor. Common titles include "trustee," "supervisor," "commissioner," and many more. With Power Almanac, you can target the top elected official and other decision makers, regardless of title.

7 intelligent filters. Pinpoint your outreach.

With the Power Almanac's "Analyze" feature, you can easily size up and assess your current and potential markets. For example, how many small cities are there in Pennsylvania vs. Ohio?

Built -in analytical tools.
Size up your markets or fine-tune your searches.

Just because the Power Almanac lists more local governments and officials than any other source, doesn't mean you want them all. With our intelligent filters you can create a target list - in seconds - that meets your needs exactly.

Actual expenditures in 41 categories for each government.

Perhaps you want to know how much each local government spent on what. Or maybe you want the list of every government that spent more than $1.5 million on solid waste management, or police, or libraries.

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Immediate downloading.
Get the records you want - any time, any day.

The Power Almanac has been designed from the start as an online application. Search instantly, analyze instantly, create your lists instantly, and download records immediately. It's easy and fast, just the way you need it.

Low cost per record.

You can sign up for a Pay-as-You-Go subscription and start downloading records for 15¢ each. If you need more, upgrade to the Power 20 or Unlimited plans and your cost per record drops even lower.

Unlimited use of records. Including emails.

Once you download a record from the Power Almanac, you can use the contact information as many times as you'd like for as long as you remain a Power Almanac subscriber. And that goes for the emails too.

Download protection.
Don’t pay for updates or downloading twice.

If we update a record that you've already downloaded during your subscription term, go ahead and download the record again. No charge. In fact, we'll notify you whenever any record you've downloaded has been updated.

Alerts. Know about important new or updated records

We thought you'd want to know about changes in the database, so we'll alert you - in your "My Searches" or "My Downloads" folders. You never have to waste time re-running searches to see what's changed.

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You get to choose exactly who’s on your list.

Free enterprise account.
Extend account benefits to your colleagues.

This means you can go to "My Account" and add an unlimited number of co-workers as users on your account, giving each of them access to the same features and same low download cost as you.

Saved Searches. No need to redo your work.

When you've set the search criteria just the way you want, and you've created the perfect list, save it. It will be waiting for you the next time you sign in, so you can pick up where you left off.

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