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Why we created Power Almanac

So you can contact the people who actually make the decisions.
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Avoid confusion of finding government officials

2010: The year finding them got a whole lot easier.

Local governments in the U.S. exert a lot of power and influence.

97% of our country’s elected officials are local government officials, and local governments collectively spend nearly $1.6 trillion annually and employ about 14 million people.

And yet despite their collective power and influence, local governments and their elected and appointed leaders can seem almost invisible. It's difficult to impossible to get information about them.

Not anymore.

The Big Idea

Ben Franklin thinking government contact

The idea behind the Power Almanac is pretty simple. Create the most comprehensive and up-to-date online source of data and information about local governments, and make it very easy to use.

Of course, simple ideas are often challenging to implement, and that's certainly been true for the Power Almanac. To start with, there are 39,045 counties, municipalities, and townships in the U.S. That's a lot of data to track down, especially when many local governments have out-of-date websites, or no websites at all.

The bigger challenge stems from the astonishing diversity of local government structures and leadership positions in the U.S. - which varies not only from state to state, but even from county to county within a state. Finding ways to organize all that diverse data so that you can quickly and easily find exactly what you need kept us up a few nights.

Our Plans for Power Almanac

We're proud of the Power Almanac, and we hope you'll try it out and see why. But we're not done. In fact, we'll probably never really be done. We'll keep working hard to make the Power Almanac increasingly valuable for you by adding more data and making it even easier to use.

Who is it for?

Anyone can use the Power Almanac to get the information they need about local governments and local government officials. How you use it depends on your goal.

For example:

Company Sell your product or service to local governments
  • Analyze the large and unique local government market
  • Reach key decision-makers
Local Government Find better and more cost-effective ways to deliver your services
  • Benchmark your spending against other local governments
  • Identify your potential opportunities for improvement.
Advocacy Group Ensure that key local government officials hear your perspectives
  • Pinpoint which local governments hear your message
  • Reach key opinion leaders
Media Quickly find the local government officials you need for your story
  • Determine which local governments meet your criteria
  • Reach out to exactly the right officials in the right roles
Citizen Learn more about your own local governments
  • Find out who the leaders are
  • Discover how government money is being spent
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