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How do you easily market to the right local government officials?

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Role-Based Search

Find the right officials

10 Different Local Government Official Roles

  • City/County Manager
  • Head of Purchasing
  • Head of Public Works
  • Head of IT
  • Fire Chief
  • Head Clerk
  • Mayor
  • Head of Finance
  • Police Chief/Sheriff
  • Council Member

For example, you want to reach the person in charge of it all, but every municipality calls him something different. Is it the Mayor, Village President, Town President, Council President, Town Supervisor or the Chairperson of the Board? Who knows? We do.

We categorize each official into roles, so if you search for Mayor, you will get everyone in that role, no matter what their title may be. We also give you their exact title so you can personalize your outreach.

Precise Targeting

Get an exact match to your target market.

Zoom in. Tight.

  • Narrow location by state, region, or zipcode+distance.
  • Filter by Population
  • Choose city, county, or township.
  • Target specific government spending demographics like
    • Total and per capita spending,
    • Last month of fiscal year, and
    • Amount spent on categories like public safety, health, welfare, utilities, transportation, leisure, finance, etc...

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Phone Numbers, Emails, and Addresses

It’s time to throw some numbers out. Our database spans 21,000 unique local governments, giving you access to local government decision-makers from 97% of cities, counties, and townships with a population greater than 1,000. With over 220,000 officials listed, there’s probably no one you can’t find.

Not Your Grandma’s Attic

This is NOT a compilation of information from other, inadequate sources. We've built - from scratch - and continuously update our own comprehensive list of local government officials and their contact info.
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Make Good Decisions

The intelligence you need to make good decisions.
  • Ascertain exactly who is most likely to buy your product.
  • Customize your search to produce the results you’re looking for.
  • Save and Export your data to Excel instantly.
  • Narrow your campaigns by filtering the data by
    • Roles of the officials
    • Population
    • Location
    • Types of local government
    • Spending categories
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Solve Your Marketing List Problems

Don’t waste your time. Get in contact with the right local government officials using highly targeted search criteria and accurate contact information.

1. I don’t want to waste time contacting the wrong people.

Freakishly Accurate

Don’t worry. We triple verify all records before they go into the Power Almanac, so you can be confident that the phone numbers, email addresses, names, titles, roles, governments, websites, and more are all correct.

Obsessively Up-to-Date

Government officials often change because they quit, get fired, or don’t get re-elected. They may also change because of elections. We rigorously verify every record in the Power Almanac twice per year, updating and adding new records weekly.

2. I don’t have a million dollars.

And if I did, I would just buy a Superbowl ad.

Priced for Everyone

Start a free account in minutes and start downloading records for just 75¢ each. Your price drops as low as 4¢ per record when you purchase the Unlimited plan. Spend the rest of your money on something you love, like improving your product.

Free Updates for Subscribers

When we update our records, you don’t have to pay again to download! Just pay once and have access to constantly updated information.

Unlimited Usage - Like a boss!

Other sources make you pay each time you use their list. Some won't even give you emails at all - you have to pay them extra to send the emails to you. Once you download a record from us, you can use the contact info as many times as you'd like for as long as you have your subscription.

3. I don’t have all day to
search for contacts.

Who do you think I am? Indiana Jones?

So Easy a Caveman Could Do It

Custom search based on the types of officials you need and get an Excel spreadsheet that you can easily use to contact officials however you choose.

Stupid Fast

Get records instantly at the click of a button.
Adjust parameters on the fly and receive results fast.

4. I want to make my own list the way I want it!

DIY Customizable

Search only for the officials you need. The Power Almanac allows you to focus your seach to market to your exact audience. You don’t pay for records you don’t need.

Chock Full Comprehensive

We have contact info for over 220,000 local government officials including the Mayor, Council Members, Public Works Director, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Head of Finance, Head of Purchasing, City/County Manager, Head Clerk & Head of IT for 97% of cities over 1000 people.

Need more convincing? Try Power Almanac